The Centre

The Genoa Centre for Law and Finance was founded in 1996 by Professor Guido Ferrarini, who is currently director of the Centre.

The Centre promotes research projects and education activities in all areas of law and finance, often in cooperation with international universities, research institutions and business corporations. The following are recent publications to which the Centre contributed:

– Belcredi and Ferrarini (eds.), Boards and Shareholders. Facts, Context and Reforms, Cambridge University Press, 2013

– Wymeersch, Hopt and Ferrarini (eds.) Financial Regulation and Supervision: A Post-crisis Analysis, Oxford University Press, 2012

The Centre supports the University of Genoa – Department of Law’s PhD Program contributing to the organization of conferences and seminars often with the support of the Fresco Foundation. The PhD Candidates in Corporate Law, Financial Regulation and Corporate Governance are admitted to the Centre as research associates.

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