Michele Siri

Michele SiriFoto Siri

Assistant Professor of Business Law

Department of Law
University of Genoa
Via Balbi, 22, 16126 Genoa, Italy
Telephone +39 010 2099951, Fax +39 010 2099890
E-mail: michele.siri@unige.it

Professor Siri holds a J. D. (University of Genoa).
Subjects: Financial Markets Law; Insurance Law and Regulation; Company Law
He is chairman of Board of External Auditors of Insurance Companies.
Professor Siri was independent director at several Italian Insurance Companies and Pensions Funds.
He was member of the Commission on Insurance Law Reform and advisor to Department of Trade and
Industry and to the Italian Insurance Commission.
He is author of many articles in the fields of financial and insurance law, and editor of book which provides
an overview on the Italian insurance code.

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