Andrea Ottolia


Andrea Ottolia

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Associate Professor of Business Law, University of Genoa (Italy), Department of Law – Via Balbi, 22, 16126 Genoa, Italy, Telephone +39 010 2099889, Fax +39 010 2099890


Andrea Ottolia holds a J.D. from the University of Genoa, an LL.M. and a JSD (Italian PhD equivalent) from the University of California at Berkeley – Boalt Hall; he is a fellow of the Genoa Centre for Law and Finance at the University of Genoa, member of the Staff of the Turin WIPO LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law, member of the Scientific Committee in Intellectual Property of the PhD in Civil Law, Roman Law and European Legal Culture at the University of Pavia, member of the Scientific Committee of the Master Program “Giurista d’impresa” at the University of Genoa, member of the Editorial Board of Aida (Italian Annuals in Copyright Law) in Milano.

Andrea Ottolia focuses on how information technologies affect the law, public policy and entrepreneurship. He is author of several publications in the fields of Copyright law, Patent Law and Big data. Among his works:

The Public interest and Intellectual Property models, Torino, 2010 (monograph);

(with Guido Ferrarini) Corporate Disclosure as a Transaction Cost: The Case of SMEs, in Eur. Rev. of Contract Law 2013, 363-386

Moral Limits to Biotech Patents in Europe, a Quest for Higher Harmonization, in Biotechnology and Software Patent Law (Ghidini-Arezzo eds.), Edward Elgar, 2011, 309-337

Riflessioni sulla brevettabilità delle sequenze parziali di geni “EST” in Riv. dir. ind. 2005, 457-490

Preserving Users’ Rights in Digital Rights Management Systems: Dealing with “Juridical Particularism” in the Information Society, in 35 IIC 2005, 491-521

Dati genetici (ed alter materie prime) nella innovazione bioinformatica, in Olivieri-Falce-Arezzo (a cura di) Confini e fronti dell’innovazione biotecnologica per la proprietà intellettuale, in Quaderni di Giur. Comm. 2014, 203-224

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